1. Do GLP help montior the case? 


We do not. You are still responsible for your case.

We are not attorneys, the court may ask something of you, it is your responsibility to get it.  If you do not understand what they are asking, please ask the court clerk for instuctions. 



2. What Happens After the Documents are Complete and Filed? 


After your documents have been finalized, we cannot guarantee we will be able to assist with questions about your case.


The best place to visit if you have questions is the county of the court you are in. 



3. Complementary Services

We will complete your documents within the timeframe quoted to you. We will respond to your emails and phone calls within 24 -48 hours. 

E-filing is a complimentary service; we cannot guarantee we can file the document for you; if we cannot, we will give you instructions on filing it on your own.